One-Time Donation


(Recurring donation)


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Donations to LMRC will go predominantly towards programming – things like:


  • educational opportunities like activist training and skills workshops

  • better communication efforts including website hosting and maintenance, mass email systems, and mass texting abilities

  • events including speakers, an annual conference, co-hosting community forums

  • logistical support –

    • procuring meeting space large enough to accommodate our growing community

    • providing transportation to attend town halls inconsiderately scheduled by legislators in far-away small towns

    • outreach efforts like mailers, GOTV activities, working with other like-minded organizations

    • A small portion of donations will also go towards stocking our LMRC store, with proceeds from the store going back into LMRC programming – get your magnets, tshirts and buttons and show your liberal pride!

    • Finally, in addition to donations, we plan to hold an annual fundraising event, as well as several other small fundraisers throughout the year.  Throwing an event to raise money costs money.