Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb (LMRC) was founded November 2015 by a local woman, in a personal attempt to reach out from a place of feeling alone as a liberal mother in East Cobb.  Over time it began to grow, at first slowly and then around the presidential primaries, growth became exponential.  Now at over 1800 members, many of whom have formed real life friendships, a large community of like-minded women has formed.  We represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. 

The current political environment has left many feeling despair, but has also renewed our determination to be heard and to stand up for the values that we hold dear.  LMRC has organized formally in order to more effectively champion the vulnerable in our world.  Grassroots organizations just like LMRC are the focus and source of political strength at this time.